Doña Francisca

In this coffee rich, but poor area, Doña Francisca and eight more women are working to revive the indigenous tradition of backstrap loom weaving. The survival of the tradition is a story of struggle through the long, dark Somoza era. Francisca Zamora is a woman with dark skin, slanted eyes, a shy smile and skillful […]

Sebastian Mairena

This man with the appearance of a revolutionary guerrilla but with noble eyes and smile is one of the leaders of La Hermandad agro-ecotouristic farm, home of a 29 ha wildlife refuge and natural reserve. He is a man ahead of his time as is using ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly production system as a […]

Don Alberto

He has been carving figures and images into the rocks around his house for nearly 30 years. He is definitely one of our local heroes. Spend time hearing his story, seeing his carvings, and wandering around this remote area in Nicaragua. It would be one of the most unexpected and enjoyable days. The world is […]

José Manuel

As was the case for many other locals of coastal communities also growing up in the region, poaching sea turtle eggs was a serious business for Jose Manuel. A few years ago, following an initial series of meetings with Sos Nicaragua, we selected Jose Manuel to work with the sea turtle project and put their […]