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Sea Turtle Conservation Night Patrol (LEATHERBACK TURTLE)

Visit amazing off-beaten beaches, last leatherback nesting spots in Nicaragua.

You dolar will support real conservation efforts on critically endangered species.

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure camping one night together with our team.

Professional and certified guide on sea turtles.

You dollar will support real conservation efforts.

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From $65,00

Sea Turtle Conservation Night Patrol (OLIVE RIDLEY)

From wonderful beaches to amazing estuaries Sos Nicaragua is a great way to see another perspective of this beautiful country while you are…

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Sea Turtle Conservation Night Patrol (HAWKSBILL)

Whether you fell in love with sea turtles or are just curious to know more about them, if you are looking for exciting adventures to do in Nicaragua, Sos Nicaragua is the best! We offer a variety of eco tours and eco adventures focused on sea turtles.

Take advantage and get your personalized tour “2 days and 1 night” full of unforgettable experiences.

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From $65,00