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Sos Nicaragua is a social enterprise that puts people and the environment together at the center of its business, committed to the principles of community tourism, solidarity economy and sustainable development. Sos Nicaragua supports conservation projects throughout Nicaragua, from monitoring of threatened marine turtles to environmental education programs.

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With every kilogram of Sos Nicaragua coffee sold, we donate 5.00 € of the proceeds directly to  Sos Nicaragua. Do you like the idea? Then be a part of our project by simply enjoying this coffee (of course from Nicaragua).

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When you donate today, you´ll help Sos Nicaragua launch their social and environmental projects in Nicaragua.

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Help Save Baby Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient and charismatic creatures. They are a so-called “keystone species” and make a very important contribution to ocean health, for example, by regulating jellyfish populations or increasing the variety of life on the coral reef. Making sure that sea turtle hatchlings can safely make their way to the ocean is one of the best ways to bring sea turtles back from the edge of extinction. Sos Nicaragua is committed to using all available means in order to make this possible