Academic Expeditions

Sos Nicaragua is committed to creating new ways to bring financial sustainability to high-impact socio-environmental projects in Nicaragua through a powerful tool: Responsible tourism. In our broad range of services, we have been specially focus on tailor-made educational field trips with schools or universities, either nationals or international, who come to get hands-on experience working in the field with conservation and local communities. These trips may be combined with other community projects and visits to several popular touristic sites in Nicaragua. This expeditions let us not only to support our current projects, but also to make students aware of the threats hanging over endangered species and their critical habitats. Further, we strengthen organizational and technical skills for future conservationists! Further, international students will learn about the difficulties of conserving wildlife in a developing country environment and gain valuable cross-cultural and team-working skills.


We combine adventure travel with natural science and basic background knowledge about the region, culture and ecosystems where you are traveling!


Our staffing includes our own team, employed and based locally, experienced and qualified expedition leaders to support every expedition group and teachers.


We ensure our volunteers safety is top of our priority list running unrivalled safety management and 24/7 emergency support in place.

If you are teaching, and search once in a lifetime experiences for your students, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have organized academic expeditions for many national and international groups. Let us know about your ideas and timing available to create exactly what you need.

Independent Research at Los Brasiles

Researchers who are looking for a professional research base from which to pursue their studies will receive logistical support and advice from our staff throughout the process.

Because of our relationship with the local community, we can often find the most competitive rates for local services as well as provide our local knowledge and experience to help make your limited fieldwork time as productive as possible.

Researchers wishing to use elements of our long-term studies as a basis for their research can apply for access to our data.

If you plan to conduct your own research, you should plan well in advance and discuss with our team.

How we can help you? Step by step:

  • A detailed project proposal to submit to MARENA (Ministry for the Environment in Nicaragua) for research permits (2-4 month).
  • Any research which requires the removal of samples will require export and import permits in addition to the above mention research permit.
  • A detailed discussion will occur regarding:
    1. Equipment and logistics
    2. Transportation needs
    3. Need for in-field assistance
    4. We need to consider any scheduling changes that might be required so that we can coordinate all projects and personnel accordingly.