Sea Turtle Adoption Program

Our adoption program allows you to support the work of Sos Nicaragua by adopting turtles of your own. Sos Nicaragua has made it so that more than 200 nests are protected and thousands of baby turtles are released to the ocean every year.

Sos Nicaragua manages community based-conservation projects on the Pacific coast where turtles were indiscriminately hunting and their eggs extracted for decades.

By adopting a turtle with Sos Nicaragua, you can help this dedicated team to give the best and brightest future possible to this threatened sea turtle population.

Sos Nicaragua is working in hard conditions where nobody works. Patrolling non-protected areas in Nicaragua with high levels of egg poaching. Conservations efforts are critical in reducing eggs poaching pressures building bridges with locals to appreciate and give extra value no-consumtive uses of sea turtles. The Adoption Program is designed to defray the costs associated with protection of these animals and their eggs in the last beaches where they still lay their eggs. These costs may include field equipment and hatchery and patrol local staff expenses.

You can adopt one of the threatened sea turtles survivals on the Los Brasiles Island for a donation of just US$50. All proceeds are used to directly fund our turtle protection programs.

For your US$50 adoption donation, you will receive the following:

  • A personalized Certificate of Adoption.
  • An information sheet about their adopted animal.
  • Recognition as an adoptive parent on our database.


Thank you very much for your adoption and your support of our sea turtle conservation program.

Please confirm when the payment is done writing to: If you have any questions regarding the payment, please do not hesitate to contact us. After the payment has been made, we will send you your adaptation package.