Sos Nicaragua - GoFundMe

Sea turtle protection

Engaging Local Communities in Sea Turtle Conservation.

Sos Nicaragua - GoFundMe

Environmental education

Offering environmental education expeditions for local schools

Mangrove restauration

Fighting global warming while protecting critical habitats

Sos Nicaragua - GoFundMe

Costas Nics Limpias

Help to create a coastal clean-up movement at national level

Sos Nicaragua - GoFundMe

Too Rare To Wear

Help End the Demand for Turtleshell in Nicaragua.

Sos Nicaragua relies on the support of our amazing donors and collaborators around the world. Please join us or donate so our work can continue.


Donate Now and 100% of your money will help support our projects. 

Creating bridges to link conservation and business in Nicaragua If you want to donate to a particular project that is not listed, but which is still one of the projects where Sos Nicaragua works (School expeditions, Costas Nicas Limpias, mangrove project….), you can donate and earmark it for a specific charitable purpose. It will always reach your intended target!

Spread the word - Support our initiatives

We are going to ask you a very peculiar type of donation: spread the word. Now, when relatives or friends decide to travel in Nicaragua, try to bring them to Sos Nicaragua and do your bit for contribute that our social and environmental projects remain viable. #SharingIsCaring

Thank you for your support of Sos Nicaragua. Through your sponsorship you are contributing to sea turtle conservation in Nicaragua. Your choice makes a difference!

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