David Melero

Founder & CEO
With more than ten years experience working in community-based ecotourism & wildlife conservation Initiatives, David is the administrative officer in charge of managing general operations in Sos Nicaragua.

José Manuel Quintana

Field Assistant of Sos Nicaragua
Manuel is the soul our sea turtle program. Dynamic, hard-worker, results oriented and passionate for conservation, he has built himself taking more a more responsabilities in the organization.


Accountant of Sos Nicaragua

Phillip Grimm

Co-Founder & Head of International Relations
Phillip is hydrologist and specialist for Integrated Water Resources Management & the international development cooperation.

Tereza Šimonovská

Field Coordinator of Sos Nicaragua
Veterinary and animal lover, has been in charge of the field coordination and volunteer program of our conservation initiatives for the last two years. Communicative and with excellent organizational skills. Happiest when she is surrounded by dogs 🙂

Oscar José Salgado

Lawyer of Sos Nicaragua