Professional Engagement

What we offer you?

  • A leading position with team responsibility
  • Deep insights into a professional environmental protection project
  • Free and safe accommodation directly on the beach
  • Three good & healthy meals a day
  • recognized certificate of participation of Sos Nicaragua

Not included are expenses for arrival and departure to the turtle station, neither private leisure activities.

What’s to be done?

  • daily early morning walks to count turtle tracks and check status of in-situ nests
  • proper and professional recording of all technical data
    • identify, measure and tag all adult turtles
  • monitor hatcheries and record scientific data and conditions
  • relocate turtle nests into hatcheries
  • release hatchlings and conduct post hatching nest excavations
    • coordinating the work of the Field Assistants in monitoring the turtle activity on the beach
    • coordinating beach patrols, night patrols and our volunteer and student groups
    • give talks and workshops with students, volunteers and the local community
    • ensuring the overall success of the project

What we expect from you?

Preference will be given to potential FCs that meet the following requirements.  If you do not meet all of the requirements but are enthusiastic and motivated, we encourage you to apply.  Couples are especially encouraged to apply:

    • Highly motivated, responsible, and have strong interpersonal communication skills
    • Fluency or a solid ability in both Spanish and English
    • Recent graduate or advanced student in biological sciences or related fields.
    • Comfortable in an isolated setting
    • In good health condition to walk long nightly hours
    • Ability to undertake physical labour in the heat and/or rain
    • Previous experience performing field work with sea turtles is desirable
    • Available for the duration of the project or at least 6 months

FCs also need to establish a friendly relationship and maintain constant communication with members of the local communities and in-site partners. You are also responsible for further community enriching activities such as beach clean-ups, painting of buildings, coordination of English classes, etc. Keep in mind that the social relationship with members of the community is a very important aspect of these projects.