Our Model

We are a social enteprise that puts people and the environment together at the center of its business model, committed to the principles of community tourism, solidarity economy and sustainable development. We support conservation projects throughout Nicaragua, from monitoring of threatened marine turtles to environmental education programs. In our view, the only way the word ecotourism is used correctly is if it is linked to activities that conserve biodiversity and enhance local livelihoods.

As a social company we invest at least fifty percent of our benefits and destine for social & environmental projects.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Sos Nicaragua display a friendly tourism model breaking with traditional conceptions, and it uses tourism like a powerful tool to address many of the challenges that conservation projects face, including raising funds, pursuing communication and awareness goals, building community support and alliances, and engaging local stewards of natural resources. Tourism companies has the potential to facilitate a bigger positive impact and we want to demonstrate it.

Through our labour we want to raise awareness of a new concept of conservation destinations and inspire people to choose travel for a greater cause. We support you and your organization by our expert knowledge on business support and environmental services, country expertise, international network competence and our regional partners on site.


Contribute to the construction of a society more aware and committed to the environment and the social and environmental problems of our time, through the promotion of solidarity tourism and the active participation of civil society in local projects oriented to social and environmental welfare.


Sos Nicaragua is recognized as a leading and consolidated organization in Nicaragua in the reception of solidarity tourism in socio-environmental matters, committed to improving local livelihoods and sustainable management of natural resources, in Nicaragua and sentinel of the welfare of its natural resources.

Why choose us?


Friends, families, honeymoons, schools, companies… ensuring an outstanding service.


We design unforgettable tailor-made trips to suit your individual tastes and preferences.


We’ve scouring the country for a decade to find and share the most captivating and “hidden” gems.


Foster awareness, understanding, appreciation, values and behaviors regarding the natural environment is a must.


We defend Tourism with a strong socio-enviromental component


One of our priorities is that most of your money serves directly as a vital support of social and environmental projects

When you travel with Sos Nicaragua through their expeditions, you join us as a force for change in addressing the most pressing conservation challenges around Nicaragua. Together, we are making conservation travel happen, sustainable travel that supports the protection of sea turtles. Your trip helps us transform the future of them. Sos Nicaragua is happy to show you on-the-ground proofs of their commitment and action to being environmentally sustainable as it’s always looking for support of conservation and of local communities. In our view, the only way the word ecotourism is used correctly is if it is linked to activities that conserve biodiversity and enhance local livelihoods.

Travelers pay a fair price for the high quality and unique products and services they receive from the many community-based organizations we work with. And we ensure that as much money as possible remains in the local economy by using local suppliers, local food, and local initiatives for accommodation when it is possible to ensure a minimum standard.