Our Partners

Powerful partnerships, effective solutions. Currently, there are hundreds of local tiny projects around Nicaragua committed to the respect for Nature worthy of investing your vacation time. Sos Nicaragua is working to put these places on the map, documenting their stories and encouraging conscious travelers, avid adventurers and sabbatical wanderers to spend their money or bring their knowledge where it matters most. Together we hope to create a Nica conscious travel community inspired by an exploration + conservation model that drives a real change for bringing a Nicaragua socially more equal and more environmentally friendly.

Local Partners
International Partners

As a company that relies on responsible tourism products, we have long been aware that Nicaragua´s is our most important business partner.

Nevertheless, our conservation & social projects are achieved through collaboration with a range of extraordinary partners, including local communities, businesses and individual donors. We leverage the strengths of these collaborations to achieve great success.

Partnerships plays a key role in Sos Nicaragua’s efforts to influence the course of conservation and our work would not be possible without the generous support of individuals and organizations that rely on us:

Would you like to take part of our board of partners?


Gain visibility and show your corporate support of conservation through sponsoring Sos Nicaragua campaigns and projects.

Companies may provide funding to help support specific conservation initiatives and the local communities they serve. Whether funding an initiative which is directly related to their core business or an issue that the company and its employees find meaningful, Sos Nicaragua works to ensure each philanthropic contribution supports lasting conservation solutions that will benefit species, people and the environment.