Our Story

After more than 10 years of field research in Latin America, in 2017 we created the company “Sos Nicaragua” to consolidate and to scale-up the successful conservation tourism in Nicaragua. We believe that only by expanding truly conservation-based tourism can responsible travel “move the needle” to protect major tracts of our increasingly-threatened biosphere.

Beyond making a dream comes true, Sos Nicaragua was born as a tool to bring about a positive change within the reach of everybody. Not only yourselves but also about the places that you visit. ¿Why only travel when you can really do much more?

So what does Sos Nicaragua mean?

Sos Nicaragua is spoken tongue and means “YOU ARE Nicaragua”. The name Sos Nicaragua invites you to take action for a Nicaragua more socially fair and respectful with the environment. That is why from Sos Nicaragua we work day by day with the confidence to do a network of people and initiatives bigger and bigger that help us build the Nicaragua we want many. It is for this reason that we work to raise awareness and support those initiatives driven by people who share our values being the ones who inspire us to continue day by day with their “positive actions”. But Sos play with a dual meaning as also are acronyms that represent an easy and quick way to ask for help for different reasons. All of us are part of a natural environment that we have not been able to assess enough. It needs our active support more than ever. By accepting our responsibility as a species and individual, we must stop to “pass the ball” to others or play defeatist messages and begin to make a difference ourselves. Let us make day-to-day that Nicaragua that we want to be!​